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Paintings Page
Introduction to the Paintings page
Below are thumbnail images of artwork available to you. As of February 1, 2012, there are six hundred and twenty - eight artistic variations - paintings - within this paintings gallery. Every week I add several dozen pieces of artwork to this page. The What Is New list is below the thumbnails.
There are several subsections within this gallery. Each subsection contains either several renditions for one photograph... or, the subscetion contains a specific type of rendition for multiple photographs. At the top of this page, the --> points to the subsection selection list box. Select a subsection from the list box, then click View.

What Is New
Date Subsection Theme Pieces
01 February 2012 potter A potter at her wheel creating a simple vase. 50
23 January 2012 little_jewel The altar area in a simple country chapel on the island of Crete. 58

About the artwork displayed on this page
  • A digital photograph is the source for all of the artwork images.
  • I use one of several digital photography editor programs to create the artistic styles and renditions.
  • Depending upon the editor program I use, the program will offer many different styles or effects.
  • As a naturally curious and inquisitive person, I enjoy creating and viewing a diverse range of artistic styles and effects.
  • Hopefully, this diversity of styles and effects offers something of interest for everyone.
  • I offer several of the artwork creations for purchase at multiple Internet art-centric e-commerce websites.
  • At each of the art-centric websites, the artwork creations I offer for purchase are available in several product types or formats - stretched canvas prints, acrylic prints, framed and matted prints, posters, photographic prints, greeting cards, etc.
  • Each product type usually has several different price points in order to cater to a wide range of buyer interests and budgets.
  • Each art-centric website offers a money-back guarantee to the buyer.
  • My artwork creations are only offered for purchase at websites that have established themselves as honest, reputable, trustworthy and quality providers of art-related products and services.
  • Artist attribution or signature on purchased products is not as intrusive nor as pronounced as it is within the images of artwork used on this webpage. The watermark on webpage images is designed to discourage illegal use.
  • My artwork is classified as: crete paintings, greece paintings, crete digital art, crete canvas prints, crete prints, crete framed prints, crete greeting cards, crete posters, greece digital art, greece canvas prints, greece prints, greece framed prints, greece greeting cards, greece posters, kitchen window canvas prints, kitchen window paintings, potter digital art, potter paintings, potter canvas prints, potter prints. potter framed prints, potter greeting cards, potter posters, clay digital art, clay paintings, clay canvas prints, clay prints.

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