An electronic marketing - eMarketing - Business Opportunity.

Save money, earn money, improve nutrition, retire early without money problems!

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- No gimmicks, no get-rich-quick schemes.

- Just a revolutionary concept that has come at the perfect time!

- This opportunity will cost you approximately $70.00 to join.

- For that investment, you receive a one-month supply of 'Natra Burst' nutritional supplement.

- Natra Burst is very rich in health-promoting nutrients.

- Natra Burst can be used as a meal replacement.

- That is thirty very nutritious meals each month for $70.00!

- When you join this program you become a Preferred Customer.

- When you join, you are given the opportunity of nearly unlimited financial and health success.

- I can only add one new team member per month. There is a waiting list.

- As a Preferred Customer, you are automatically enrolled in a monthly auto-order process.

- Each month you will automatically receive a shipment of Natra Burst.

- A Preferred Customer has the right to form their own marketing team.

- Each member of your marketing team becomes a Preferred Customer when they join.

- Each Preferred Customer receives a commission on sales made by members their team.

- Each Preferred Customer receives a commission on eleven levels of marketing teams.

- An investment of $70.00 per month may eventually generate $1,000s per month in return.

- Per company projections, a Preferred Customer has the potential to retire in two years.

- This is multi-level marketing.

- Every consumer product company uses multi-level marketing. Think about it.

- If you are interested, if you want to learn more, click on the "In a hurry?" top-of-page link.

- This program is not for everyone.

- This program IS for anyone who carefully thinks through all of the benefits this program offers.

- I will be here to help you.

- Working together, we will succeed..!

- That is all the sales pitch I have for you.

What follows are my thoughts about this opportunity - what I think are good reasons, a "makes good sense" rationale, for joining this program.

I think the only person who might convince you of anything . . . is yourself.

This page is not a sales pitch! This is your opportunity page!

Invest five minutes to improve everything about your life..! . . . PLEASE READ THIS PAGE..!

There are several opportunities in this "opportunity package". Once you read what I have to say, you will understand. I am not wasting your time or my own.

Think about the major problems and challenges you face every day. Think about the things you want or need to accomplish. Think about your hopes and dreams for your future. The business opportunity I am offering you will help with all of these.

Each of us are concerned with these everyday and long-term situations:

- Eating foods your body needs
'Dietary Guidelines for Americans' tells us we need to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day. The Guideline says that half of each meal should be vegetables and fruits. That is difficult to do for every meal. It is easy to do when you are using the product offered by this Business Opportunity, in my opinion.
- Having time to enjoy life
Most of us are so busy doing what we have to do that stopping to eat a nutritious meal is a low priority. Yet, we all know that better nutrition in the foods we eat eventually gives us more time to enjoy life. We are in better health. We spend less time at doctors and hospitals. We spend less time fighting colds and flu and sickness. Better nutrition and better health means more time to enjoy life. In my opinion, the product offered by this Business Opportunity gives us better nutrition.
- Earning enough to live how and where you want
In today's economy, it is a serious challenge just to earn enough after-tax income to pay for our basic needs. Most of us are stuck with the traditional "one source of income" work model. If we are lucky and hard working, this income allows us to feed, clothe and shelter our family - and maybe take a much too short vacation once a year. The most important "key" to living how and where you want is to create many sources of income. Your participation in this Business Opportunity, in my opinion, is a positive and powerful step in that direction - creating an additional source of income!
- Making the best use of your time
You have only a few hours each day to do all of the things you think you should do each day. You do not need to spend time on things that do not lead to a better lifestyle. Yet, there is a way for you to have more time to devote to things you consider "best uses" of your time. A "key" to making better use of your time is having other people share and give you some of their work time. The more work time you have, the greater your financial rewards. This Business Opportunity, in my opinion, makes it possible for you to make use of other people's work time.
- Being able to retire one day with sufficient income
What is "sufficient income"? What this means to me is that I will have enough income to pay for my necessities - food, shelter, clothing, insurance - AND be able to travel the USA and the World. This means I will be able to "eat out" a few times each week if I want to. When the time comes, I will be able to afford to live in an assisted-living community and within my own apartment or condominium. Having sufficient income means being able to pay your own way and to maintain your independence! This Business Opportunity should, in my opinion, provide you with additional monthly income; hopefully, when combined with all of your sources of income, you will have this "sufficient income".
- Eliminating excessive anxiety and stress in your life
Maybe a certain minimum amount of stress is good for me and for you because a little stress - physical, mental and emotional - helps to promote better and more positive actions and decisions. I do not like worrying about anything, and neither should you. Having more than one source of steady and reliable income does much for reducing stress and anxiety. In my opinion, this Business Opportunity should provide you a steady and reliable source of income.
- Saving money through better decisions and choices
Most of us have trouble saving money because everything about our consumer society shouts at us "SPEND! BUY! CONSUME! NOW!" A basic fact of our society is that most of our jobs depend upon people and companies buying what we create or sale. One of the keys to saving money is to do it without really trying to do it. How do we do that? Perhaps the best way to save without really trying is to buy and use a product that has many important and necessary benefits and uses. If you buy a food product that saves you money when compared to alternatives, that is also very nutritious and allows you to NOT buy additional nutritional supplements, that helps you to maintain a healthy diet and to maintain a healthy weight - that food product is an excellent and wise food purchase. In my opinion, the food product offered by this Business Opportunity is that product.
- Living a healthy and robust and long life
Is this the main, the primary goal, for each of us? Throughout the ages I think this has been our primary goal, and will continue to be - always. What are the most important things we can do to have a healthy, robust and long life? I suspect that most of you already know and practice these things: getting enough rest and sleep every day; exercising our body and mind every day; eating foods that are nutritious and good for you; having a purpose for living; participating with others in social and work activities that are worthwhile, that help both ourselves and others, that provide a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction. In my opinion, this Business Opportunity allows us to practice all of these healthy activities and things.
- Participating in social and work activities you really believe in
I have already mentioned this in the previous topic. It is well worth repeating because I think to really believe in what you are doing, to strongly believe in a social or work activity and goal, is one of the most powerful life forces and wellness motivators. Believing in your social and work goals are very powerful reasons to live. For so many different and complimentary reasons, in my opinion, this Business Opportunity offers you just that.
- Being able to rest, relax and sleep as often and as much as you need
Starting in early childhood, we are trained to sleep every night for several hours; usually, from 6 to 8 hours in one long and continuous sleep interval. This sleep practice continues to be appropriate for most people who live a normal daily routine of sleep, work, meals, relaxation. Yet most of us encounter days, perhaps weeks and months, when we would really enjoy, maybe even need, brief sleep periods or "power naps" interspersed with our physical and mental activities. Some of this country's most brilliant and most successful inventors, writers and scientists prefer to rest and sleep for 2 to 4 hours at a time - at times they have learned are best for their life and work. This may or may not be the type of sleep and rest practice you desire. Maybe you would just like the flexibility in your daily schedule to rest and sleep when you decide - not when your boss or employment allow. In my opinion, this Business Opportunity leads to this flexibility, to allow YOU to decide when it is best to rest and sleep.
- Being able to nurture every aspect of your life
Our life is the sum total of what we believe, what we know, what we practice, what we attempt, what we accomplish, what we love, what we experience. Our life is a synergism (eg: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.) and self-defining awareness of who we are. What are the aspects of our life? I cannot answer for you. I can provide at least a partial list of "life aspects" that may apply to you: 1). loving, and being loved by, yourself and others; 2). having a sense of self empowerment (eg: increasing the spiritual, political, social, or economic strength of individuals and communities); 3). being happy, opportunity and ability to pursue happiness, doing what gives us a sense of happiness; 4). providing for ourselves and for those we love all of the things we need and many of the things we want; 5). ability to do work we are passionate about; 6). ability to live where and how we decide is best for us; 7). ability and opportunity to create and share precious moments with and for others; 8). using our time and resources to the best of our ability. In my opinion, this Business Opportunity may increase our ability to nurture all of these.
- Helping yourself and others you love do all of the above
Are you familiar with the expression "No man is an island"? What does that mean? I cannot answer for you. I can provide a few thoughts: 1). Even the most self-centered person cannot exist without other people doing things for them; 2). A life without love is a contradiction and an oxymoron (eg: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words.; 3). Helping others is usually the quickest and easiest way to help yourself.; 4). Loving others is always the quickest and easiest way to love yourself.; 5). The most successful people love people more than money.; 6). The happiest people are those who help others to live a better life, to be happier about their situation and about themselves. And, yes, in my opinion, I think this Business Opportunity will help me, will help you, to do all of the above.
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Hello, I am Jim Stanfield, also known as James W. Stanfield, Jr. This is one of my favorite photos. I am at the swimming pool on a private estate. I am in the village of Kato Arhanes on the island of Crete, Greece. I was blessed with the opportunity to visit a good friend who lived on Crete. The friend offered me a place to live. I lived in the small pool house on the estate she had leased. I lived on Crete for about a year. I paid for my round-trip (USA-Greece) airline tickets. I bartered a place to live in exchange for work, services, and photography.

I have always found a way to accomplish what I believed I needed to do. Sometimes friends, even complete strangers, have helped me to travel and to "see the world". Mostly, though, I have always taken the initiative. I have searched and found opportunities. I have worked for whatever I wanted or needed. Sometimes an opportunity magically appears without my active effort. I consider this type of opportunity an answer to prayer. I believe that I naturally attract what is good for me.

People who know me would tell you that I do not go for "get rich quick schemes". I do not gamble. I am cautious and careful when making business and personal decisions. I research and investigate before making changes in my life and in my work. I have researched dozens, maybe even hundreds, of business opportunities. I have joined a few of these opportunities. Most have been financially rewarding. I believe that I have sharpened my intuition, my "gut instincts", about business and about people.

SECURITY . . . FREEDOM . . . PROSPERITY . . . is what this BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY is all about..!

Respectfully yours,

James W. Stanfield, Jr.

(aka: Just Jim)

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