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The JimStanfield.com and OTR Publications websites are owned and operated by James W. Stanfield, Jr. Depending upon my travel and work schedules, for specific business activities, the websites may be operated by assigned independent contractors or agencies.

The majority of website content is developed or created by me - James W. Stanfield, Jr.

The purpose of both websites is to facilitate my personal and business interests.

My interests are:
  • An Internet presence - so that family, friends and business associates may have a convenient method to access information about me, my current projects, and my current geographical location.

  • Creative Writing - From time to time, I will provide access to Word Press Blogs which indicate my current writing projects. My writing projects are dynamic and change, based upon my current personal preferences for investigation, research and desire to write about a specific topic. Some Word Press Blogs may contain a significant amount of content; others, only a few pages and posts. I write and update each blog as time and inclination dictate. I LOVE to write..!

  • Photography and Video - I LOVE to create photographs..! Remember the 'Kodak Brownie'? It was my first camera. Over the years I have owned and used a few really good cameras. For a couple of years, I had my own darkroom and developed both black-and-white and color films and made photographic prints. (For me, it became too expensive.) Today, I use a variety of digital cameras to create Architectural, Food, Landscape and Travel photographs. I recently became a student of 'digital video production' and I plan to provide access to my videos on this website. Like everything else about me, I continue to be a student - there's always something new to learn about photography and video.

  • Book Publication - A few years ago I created the OTR Publications business entity as a vehicle to self-publish several of my Travel Photography books, which are available for purchase at either the OTR Publications website or via several online merchants (eg: Amazon.com, Alibris, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, etc.). I realize that self-publishing suggests a certain amount of personal vanity, and I definitely hope that it is a miniscule amount as it pertains to my book publishing. At the time that I published my Travel Photography books, I could not afford to contract the publications (eg: preparation, assembly, printing, distribution) to other established book publishers. I also wanted (and needed) to understand everything about the entire process, including copyright and trademark registrations; ISBN ownership; print-on-demand distribution; inclusion of my books into Librarian Catalogs and in the Library of Congress collection; availability of my books at online merchants; all of the nitty-gritty software, aesthetic and technical stuff needed to make a book ready for print. I plan to continue publishing my Travel Photography books, and probably 'paperback novels'.

  • Travel - I LOVE to travel - the United States, the world - whenever opportunity, finances and time coincide. I do not consider myself an extensively traveled person - there are thousands of places around the world I have yet to visit, photograph, explore and experience. I have really enjoyed my travels thus far, and meeting, establishing friendships and business relationships, with the people I meet.

  • Software - For 20+ years, I developed software programs and databases for an international telecommunications company. When I experienced burn-out with the sameness of daily routine, with corporate bureaucracy, I resigned my employment and eventually became an Internet- website and -software developer. For several years I developed websites on a commercial basis, for local companies and individuals. My current web-ware development activities focus only on my needs. For the past ten years or so, I have pursued a hobby of developing compiled software products, and currently use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) created by the REAL Software (www.realsoftware.com) company. Perhaps I will one day convert some of my hobbyist software into commercial versions.

  • Electronic Marketing - 20+ years ago, I became involved with marketing two of my pc-based information systems - 'dBase Doc' and 'SAIBIS - Smith-Armstrong Investment Bond Information System' - via advertisements in BYTE and PC magazines. From those efforts, I learned a bit about graphic design and advertisement composition-layout for print publications. During my years as a commercial web-ware developer, I learned about email marketing, writing advertisement copy, search engine optimization, and multi-level marketing. I recently decided to pursue a formal course of instruction from, and membership in, a professional electronic marketing organization. I am currently participating in a multi-faceted electronic marketing project - ref: the Opportunity link on this website's home page. My caveat about electronic marketing: I only participate in projects that I believe in, that I know have lasting value and worth (eg: I do not participate in selling widgets just because there are widgets to sell).

  • Joint Ventures - I am currently NOT participating in Business Joint Ventures. When I do participate, the Joint Venture is based upon a sound business, marketing, investment and compensation plan; realistic projections of investment, income and profit; a legal contract; and, opportunity to invest by either financial or 'sweat equity' methods. I am always interested in learning about Joint Ventures. If you have a Joint Venture that you think qualifies, based upon the above criteria, contact me.

You may contact me by sending an email to: jim@jimstanfield.com

Jim Stanfield - aka: James W. Stanfield, Jr.

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